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Also, since Cryptic won't update the timeline. This group will play according to the following storyline. The year is now 2412


The Klingon Defense Force begins to gain ground in the Federation War when a surprise attack by the Fek'Ihri threatens the stabilization of the Empire. The Fek'Ihri quickly destroyed five fleets and struck Qo'Nos in one simultaneous wave as multiple portals opened throughout Klingon territory. Major houses recall fleets to respond to the aggression resulting in Starfleet reclaiming the earlier losses.

The Klingon/Federation war has taken heavy toll on the Federation. Starfleet was forced to recall all military personnel from reconstruction efforts to reinforce the fleets. The lack of Starfleet's presence within Cardassian and Romulan space creates a free zone for smugglers, raiders, and reignites conflicts between various regimes. The Cardassian Detapa council protests against the recall, but were unable to stop the action.

Cardassian colonies suffer from Alpha Jem Hadar raids, renewed aggression from True Way forces, and a Borg assault on Cardassia Prime.

Although Federation fleets successfully repelled the Borg assault, the Cardassian Defense Force was completely destroyed as they held the fight until Starfleet arrived. Starfleet returns 30 Galor class cruisers to Cardassia to re-establish the Defense force. The Detapa council selects the new leader Gul Venmal which is a defector of the True Way and begins recruiting other True way defectors to strengthen the force.

To prevent military uprising, the Detapa council secretly approves the recreation of the Obsidian Order and assigns former Cardassian Intelligence Officer Jalein to head the operation. Jalein recruits other Intelligence officers which have close ties to the civilian leadership.

Romulan conflicts between Sela's forces, Tal Shiar, and Romulan senate continue with no real advantage from either side. Sela's alliance with the Hirogen becomes uneasy as the Hunters focus on their personal agenda rather than supporting the cause of the new Romulan Star Empire. Sela makes contact with an ancient enemy of the Alpha/Beta quadrant and begins talks for alliance.

The Tal Shiar begin a new Genocide policy against Remans. Seeing the Remans as possible threats to the security of their government. Reman civilians are arrested and tortured, home invasions, and mass killings begin throughout Romulan space. Former Reman Soldiers start to withdraw from colonies to find safe havens and bases.

In 2411 Federation ambassadors speak to J'mPok to create a unified force to fight the Borg invasion. Originally rejected by the High Council, Jm'Pok reluctantly agrees following several battles with Borg invasions deep in Klingon borders. This special operations project opens the door to peace talks and cooperation between the two factions.

Klingons encounter a new ally of the Romulan Star Empire; the Iconians present a grave threat from ancient times. Small skirmishes take place between Klingon houses near the Romulan borders and the Iconians. The only obstacle of a renewed Romulan threat lies in the Reman revolution, thus keeping the Iconians, Herogin, and Romulans at bay. Jerod of the House of Duras speaks to the High Council to consider alliances with the Remans and a splinter group of former Romulan Military.

Cardassian Defense Force is beginning to insert itself as an effective unit. The CDF begins to make a name for itself in regards to counter insurgency operations as colonies formerly supporting the True Way begin to cut off support of the insurgency forcing the militant group to attack the settlements. Counter attacks by the CDF inflict heavy losses on the resistence as increasing numbers defect in support of the civilian government. Financed by Feringi alliance, two new military academies are created in Lakarian City and Loval Prime. Military training includes geurrilla tactics from the Bajoran and True Way resistences.

The renewed Obsidian Order acquires the remains of two Borg spheres. The Obsidian Order transports these remains to a secret underground complex on Orias III. Science officers begin research on various technologies. Communications officers successfully break the encryption codes and begin recording data from the spheres.

Romulan Senate members begin to unite their forces in an effort to stop Sela and Tal Shiar advances. Four factions are defined within the Romulan border with Sela and her alliances with the Hirogen and Iconians appearing to be the strongest. The Romulan Senate factions begin talks with the Federation for support in order to stabalize the sector. Tal Shiar increase their Genocide agenda, but are stalled by a Reman resistence using Thaloran weapons. Reman resistence leaders seek support of the Klingon High Command.

It is now 2412 and after years of warfare a stalemate between the Empire and the Federation remains. Both factions have suffered heavy tolls on both sides, freight yards and shipyards have been scuttled, resources are thin on both sides. With the return of the Fek'Ihri and Iconians as well as increased Borg assaults. The Federation and Klingon High Council agree to a non aggression pact allowing further joint operations.

The Cardassian government begins to initiate agricultural projects with minimal financial support of the Federation. Several Federation scientists report new technology never seen before suddenly appearing during these operations, however their warnings are ignored by the Federation Council.

Just as it appeared that the True Way resistence would collapse, new alliances with the Jem Hadar Alphas and Breen merceneries bring an increase in violence and successfully reinsert themselves within the quadrant. Cardassian Defense Forces begin taking heavy losses as Federation envoys reject requests for assistance.

Well this is where we will begin. It is not Cryptic official so things may change if they ever decide to leave 2409. This is for RP purposes only.