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10-10-2012, 04:26 AM
I joined and paid my LTS 182 days ago. That's before the discounts and well before this (imho) fiasco. Over night I went from 100 day veteran to 1000. I, like many in my fleet, like to EARN what we get. It gives us that feeling of accomplishment since we did all the work or waited x amount of years for something so it feels good when the time comes. I just claimed stuff I shouldn't have until 1-2 YEARS from now. Maybe this is why people are joining, then leaving our fleet because we aren't at tier 3 yet with our shipyard. No one wants to wait or do the work anymore, just drop some cash and boom, everything is yours without any real work. I paid because I like the game and plan (or possibly planed at this point) to play for a while so a LTS seemed like a great deal (until the discounts ). I'm not rich so when I spend money I expect to get my money's worth, but not like this. Why should I keep playing now? I got all the same stuff as the guys in my fleet who joined right after the launch. Guess it's a good thing I'm loyal to my fleet.