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Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post
I agree the Chimera is one ugly ship. From the top/back it isn't so bad but yikes when you look from the front/side/bottom it's god awful ugly. Since when did federation ships become pregnant or carry a fat belly? 4 nacelle ships have so far by convention had the lower pair BELOW the drive section not above.

Stats wise it's inferior to many ships out their overall. Fleet and lockbox ships and specials like the Oddy have 10 console slots already so why would anyone fly this other than for it's fancy console? I'll be sticking with my mobius temporal destroyer on my tac (slightly lower hull/shields but superior console/boff setup and plenty of other cruisers to choose from for my eng.

Complete let down really and as for the kdf having a battle cloak.....the feds get absolutely nothing. Only birds of prey have batte cloak not evne raptors much less battle cruisers have that.

So far my Mugato pet has seen more STO action and that's probably going to stay that way.
Since the Excelsior-class I'd imagine, Bill George intentionally designed that vessel to look ugly too because they wanted you to like the Enterprise more.
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