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06-21-2009, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by AtomicNerd View Post
Yeah I’ve been wondering about the term ancient. What warp capable race isn’t “ancient”?
StarFleet seem to be the newest group out there and if you take in all of Terren history back to the stone age they’re an ancient race to.

In a gamersinfo article they said “In addition to pitting these two ancient enemies against each other, you’ll end up fighting against an unnamed ancient evil that threatens the entire Alpha quadrant” which may have been just one writers view but it shows “ancient” gets thrown around pretty easy.

Does ancient mean they were causing problems in space, specifically in the Alpha quadrant a long time ago? And if so is a long time ago before StarFleet was in space or just back to ENT era?
Originally Posted by Paulo999 View Post
maybe a group of dinosaurs attack :S
The Voth from the Deltra quadrant!!
By the way wouldnt the Q be considered Ancient?