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10-10-2012, 06:41 AM
The Defiant not having a battlecloak makes no difference to me (I have the Defiant). Sure there have been moments when I wished I could just cloak to escape my impending doom, but eh. Having played with a KDF character and a BoP it's hardly the get out of jail free card some think of it.

Also I am reminded of how the Defiant handled its cloaking device in the actual show... and there were plenty of times when it would have been handy for her to cloak and get out of dodge, but it seemed particularly sensitive to battle damage. In 'Way of the Warrior' its cloak was knocked out of comission when Sisko beamed Dukat and the Detapa council off their stricken vessel. In 'Sacrifice of Angels' attrition and piled-up battle damage had 'fried' it when they could really have used it to escape a desperate melee. Other times when they've used the cloak tactically was for the 'alpha-strike-immediately-upon-decloak' thing which they did in 'The Die Is Cast' and 'Way of the Warrior'.

So really I don't have a problem with the Defiant not having battlecloak. It fits the canon better IMO.