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10-10-2012, 06:24 AM
Do RSP and EXS still prompt CDs on the other powers that where known to cycle with them?

Updated Bridge Officer Abilities:
Reduced shared cooldown on Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field and Auxiliary to Inertial Dampers from 15sec to 10sec.
Shared cooldown on multiple copies of Auxiliary to Inertial Dampers reduced from 20sec to 10sec.
Auxiliary to Emergency Battery moved from Battery cooldown to Auxiliary Power cooldown
It now shares a 10sec timer with Auxiliary to Inertial Dampers and Auxiliary to Structural Integrity.
Emergency Power to Shields has been added to the cooldown category shared by Extend Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity.
The shared cooldown between Directed Energy Modulation and Aceton Field has been removed.
The shared cooldown between Polarize Hull and Hazard Emitters has been removed.
The shared cooldown between Mask Energy Signature, Jam Sensors and Charged Particle Burst has been removed.
This also affects Antimatter Spread and Photonic Displacement consoles.
Removed Tachyon Beam and Energy Siphon from shared cooldown formerly shared with Tyken's Rift and Gravity Well.
The latter two will remain on a shared cooldown.
The shared cooldown between Viral Matrix and Scramble Sensors has been removed.
The shared cooldown between Photonic Officer and Photonic Shockwave has been removed.
If A2B now shares a Cd with A2D and A2S, does it still share a CD with EPTx abilities?
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