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10-10-2012, 06:40 AM
I've played since release. Always paid subscription, still do today, when I have played STO.

I have 536 days. I've obviously taken breaks from the game.

That first year all I ever heard from lifetime members was how they paid the money so they should count more than other subscribers.

2 and a half years later those same people are complaining about those who are paying money, saying they aren't as special simply because of when they paid their money. Weird.

At 536 days I've paid as much as most lifetime folks. With 464 days until 1000 days, I can buy a $200 lifetime today and get the rewards, or pay around $240 for the next 16 months to get those rewards.

My point is, Cryptic is doing this for me, not you, and will be paid $200 today for it.