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Extend Shields. This is a power that pretty much has to be an On Demand ability for several reasons. Here are the reasons. 1: Damage Cycles in this game can be staggered. ES can't. The in ability to put ES down range in an emergency Clutch situation means, the target will die in very short order. 2 Damage scales much faster than any other heal in the game (even several) can keep up with. Now you just wait for your enemy cruisers to cycle their emergency power to shields, and then you go pop your primary. Or, you just watch as the cruiser throws the emergency extends, and then go pop him because his own SDR is going to be in the Toilet.

Sci Team 2, and Sci Team 3: These two otherwise Good Flash Heals, have 0 resistance. Meaning as fast as you donate someone shield points they are going to be blown right back off again. Putting Extend Shields into the Boarding Party category, also completely destroys these two abilities as a heal. It also relegates the sci team development lab scientists into Useless land, which people DO pay money to acquire. Simply put, you can not apply enough SDR now to make the heals worth it.

Eng Team 2 or 3 (1 has always sucked): For much the same reason as above, and also now it has to compete with EPTS2 or 3. This also ruins the eng team doffs. Infact it's actually Worse for ET than it is for ST, since ST actually fixes shields. Hull is even easier to munch through even if a target has full HDR.

EPTS1: What was once a useful ability to keep your shield power running high during Extend cycles on a cruiser, or sci ship or carrier for that matter no longer has the required resistance level should the healer become suddenly focused. It also was once a staple ability for Fleet Escorts, Jemmys, MVAEs and pretty much any and all other ships in the game. Now the base line resistance is going to be far too low.

EPTS2 on Cruisers. It doesn't provide enough SDR.

Eject Warp Plasma 1: The reason this power just became suddenly useless overnight should be abundantly obvious to anyone that pvps on a high end level and plays with #s like I and several others do. The damage it applies is fairly low, it's best ability was the Slow for eng captains and sci captains, and still allow for a Cmdr Level Heal being put into place. Now it has to compete with one of the only abilities in the game that can provide enough SDR and shield power to keep you alive during Focus periods, (and that's only with lots of Help from your sci allies) and that is EPTS3.

DEM2, DEM3 (DEM1 has always been Terrible): DEMs best viability, period is when shield tanking is so high that you can't crack shield facings. DEM forces teams to run at least moderate levels of hull healing. This also coincidentally effectively lowers the amount of SDR (shield damage reduction for those Noob Devs reading this) a given team can perform with. Thanks to the current changes, DEMs damage will not be applied faster than any given Skilled Team can simply just burn through enemy shields and /faceroll to Victory.

Reverse Shield Polarity: Just wait for the green diaper to end. and /faceroll your targets.

Miracle Worker 3: This one suffers both ST and ET3s fate.

Scattering Field: This one gets an indirect kick in the crotch because it's best use (and pretty much only use) was to lower bleedthrough damage during extend periods. Otherwise it simply does not provide enough HDR to be worthy of note.

So now you have the Ultimate Selfish Builds now for cruisers just to have them Survive pvp. And their heals Suck Balls now. Their only use on a team is now Gone.

Transfer Shield strength 1: The resistance and HOT are both far too weak now to do anything resembling an amiable job. Now you will see sci ships carrying 2 TSS3s just to keep SDR up on the team as much as possible.

Viral Matrix 1: Transfer Shield Strength 3 just became the single most important heal in the game, you'll only be fielding sci ships that have the ability to mount 2 copies. This means VM1 is now off the list for viable sci abilities.

TBR2: See Above.

Tykens Rift2: See Above.

Grav Well 1: See Above.

Feedback Pulse 1, 2 or 3. It puts TSS on shared cool down. This is Very Bad. For reason, see VM1.

Scramble 2: just became even more of a farce than it already was. Reason, see above.

Transfer Shield strength 2 on sci ships. It's resistance is woefully inadequate without at least an ES1 to help it out somewhere during Focus periods.

Hazard Emitters 3: This ability now has to directly compete against the only shield resistance power in the game even semi capable of standing up to DPS. It's Done. By the way Jman, sci captains train HE3.

So you just kicked sci in the crotch AGAIN.

"Oh but mav hull tanking just became more important!" No no it didn't. Hull tanking is no more viable now than it was before and it's still Woefully inadequate in Real Pvp. This means the following abilities did NOT improve.

Polarize Hull 2 or 3.

APD1, 2 or 3.

ASIF1, 2 or 3.


You can also add the Borg Shield Heal Proc, and Hull proc both to the Freakin Useless pile. As they do not apply resists of any sort. Too easy to just burn someone down right on through em without ES's resist.

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