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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
All of you guys need to stop the finger pointing, insults, and childish comments. I'm not even a moderator, and this thread has gotten out of hand. Don't tell him to keep his tears to himself because it seems like you're massaging your ego in the process of belittling him. Show some maturity.
The truth is not always compatible with everyone's sensibilities. Nothing of what I say is inaccurate.

There is a false premise by some that length of time played is the primary measurement to be used in relative comparisons specific to a players commitment to STO. This premise includes a working assumption of entitlement for those who were around in the beginning.

It's a fallacy, and always was. Now the game no longer provides a basis for that artificial belief some had that made them special. They feel slighted their ivory tower is crumbling around them.

I have no sympathy. It was always a fallacy, their realization it was a fallacy does not make the issue a community problem. The only damage here are to the egos of those who have discovered they are not any more special than other lifetime members, an ego bruise everyone impacted by will recover from just fine.

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