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The Dilithium/Zen exchange rate is little more than a health barometer for the ingame economy. While it is true it is good for Cryptic to have Dilithium exchange value lower, it's not always true.

I believe we see the ingame economy suffer recession type effects when the exchange rate falls below 150, and we see huge economic booms occur when the exchange trades above 170. I'll put together a segment when time allows for this economic discussion for STOked or Jupiter Station in the near future, but for now I would suggest things are healthy and you are in no danger of seeing the purchasing power of Zen diminish anytime soon.
I'm reacting to the statement that 25 Dil per Zen is the ideal. I would assume that few, if any people would buy Dilithium with Zen at that rate of exchange and that the supply of Zen would be quickly exhausted and drive the rate back up.

I'd be willing to bet that the exchange won't support a sustained rate below 100.
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