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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
While one can definitely look at it that way - one cannot help, surely, to step back and notice that if everybody is complaining about the same thing - and thus wonder - how much variety there actually was...

...of course, it won't actually fix anything. It will just shift things from one set of cookie cutter builds to the next set of cookie cutter builds.

People will adapt - it will become DO THIS OR GTFO again.

Some actual variety would be interesting - but that's not the thing for the latest generation or the general masses. So it is what it is; which is something that is more fun if it is not taken so seriously.

That being said - respec tokens would be hellanifty for changes such as these...meh.
I kinda agree with you but my point is that, I would like to be able to fly ANY of the current ships with no less than 3 or 4 different useful builds in PvP.

For example, in the past, we used to have Controller Sci, Healing Sci, Shield Draining Sci and Power Draining Sci (I may be forgetting some other builds) now we have Dead Sci.

Even Escorts, have been reduced in variety, since most PvPers now use the ******n Jemhadar OP ship, if not able to buy that, then use the Patrol, which has similar BOFF layout.

Cruisers? We have beautiful ships to use, but all of them useless, Gal-X, Gal-R, Free Sovy, even the paid Sovy and the Excelsior you dont see anymore... Oddys and thats pretty much all.

We used to have variety, at least at some point, now well...

And I want this for PvP just because:

1) shooting NPCs is boring or frustrating (due to cheating added to make it more "challenging")

2) play against another human is REALLY challenging and far more rewarding and entertaining (and yes, I had my ass handed to me many many times)
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