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10-10-2012, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by echodarksided View Post
There is a false premise by some that length of time played is the primary measurement to be used in relative comparisons specific to a players commitment to STO. This premise includes a working assumption of entitlement for those who were around in the beginning.
And it's a false premise you're popularising and attributing incorrectly to the 1000-day vets.

I'm not ticked 'cause people can spend the same money I did and get the same (largely irrelevant shinies).

Back when the game launched, we didn't even know there'd be a veteran rewards program.

All the LTS guaranteed you was to be able to play, for as long as the game was running. None of us knew how long that would be.

It was a gamble - one that did and didn't pay off. Yes, the game's still alive but it's a perversion of what it was originally intended to be. Honestly, those of you that are buying LTS' now, I have to ask 'why?'. Even with the ship, you're not getting that much that you can get through Dilithium.

I'm ticked because 1000 days ago, I gave a not inconsiderable sum of money for the only benefit of not having to pay-to-play. In those 1000 days, the game has broadened in scope but become far removed from what it could have been. And there's no going back now.

To those like me that stuck around, this was Cryptic's final chance to say 'thanks for believing in us and the game' - instead, all they've shown is that their longest-standing supporters are of no consequence to them.

I'd hate to work for them.