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10-10-2012, 08:43 AM
Doff Mission Contraband turn it 2000
Doff Mission Colonists 500(crit 1500)
Officer Reports 1400
SFA daily 480

so that is 4380 with no work

Mineing 400 (to 800)
1 Elite STF 1100
Btran daily 1440
Exploration Daily 1440
Defence Contract 480

that give you 9240 dil per day with ~1 hour worth of play time

It is nothing for me to pull 16k a day from just keeping my Doff Missions up while chatting in Doffjobs or fleet chat on my main

Now on my KDF and Fed alt, some time they hit there daily cap but most of the time they dont unless i am trying to grind on them for Fleet weapons or what ever point is It is dead simple to max refinement cap, i would love to see it bumped to 16k (maybe the 1100 vet reward?) so i can burn down this backlog on my main, sitting somewhere around 30k ATM
Thats not even close to an hours work the time taken to get enough contraband and colonist alone pushes it well over an hour and only if you have perfect run are you going tobeat all those missions inside 1 hour. Try 3-4, assuming you can actually aquire enough conraband/colonists in the first place.