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06-21-2009, 02:25 PM
That being said, there's nothing to say that the Federation and Klingons will never cooperate to face a greater threat. We expect the relationship between them to shift and change as the story advances.
I am pleased to have read the above.

However, I'm disheartened to see Species 8472 wearing clothing and a weapon made of anything but their flesh, since all of their technology is biological, even their ships are completely biological. It is true, they made a station out of what looked like metal in order to simulate Starfleet Academy, but even in that case, the real trick was a biological one that allowed them to look completely human.

They're already completely phaser resistant, it's only lacing the phaser beams with Borg nanoprobes that allowed phasers to work, and they are strong enough to rip through the hull of a starship using their bare hands! You're simply not thinking radically enough when it comes to their technology. If they're going to adopt body armor (which doesn't fit their characteristics, they should be modifying their immune system) and beam weapons, you need to think Zerg and Tyranids. If Species 8472 should grow a new organ on their head, or hands that can emit the same beams their ships emit, they should develop focused psychic attacks, their claws should become thicker, longer, and harder, they should shoot shield piercing spines that infect people the same way their claws can infect, and for body armor their skin should thicken and harden. Not only that, they should be able to make these changes on the fly, like going into combat mode.
You can even use another potential officer to train one of your current ones in a new skill.

Become Starfleet Commander?
That would be the Commander inChief, as a commander is a lower rank than captain. The commander in chief of Starfleet is the President of the Federation, as of TNG. Before that, it was the highest ranking Starfleet admiral.