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10-10-2012, 09:50 AM
Basically, Cryptic economically healthy if revenue goes up, regardless of what the exchange does.

But the more people are willing to pay ZEN for dilithium and do so IN VOLUME, the more highly they value the rewards that come from in-game activity.

And economically, job one is to try to shape dilithium and C-Store to get the highest VOLUME of trades.

But if they had a high volume of trade AND people were spending more for dilithium, it would mean that gameplay was regarded highly.

Whereas if people were trading 500 dilithium per ZEN and volume of trades was high, it would still be great for Cryptic's short term ledgers but it would mean that gameplay was worth less and people were spending to get the cool shinies and not because they placed a high value on time spent playing.

Which would suggest a need to have more value for time spent playing. Because if people just want to buy their dilithium, it means that the game isn't worth actually playing.