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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Thats not even close to an hours work the time taken to get enough contraband and colonist alone pushes it well over an hour and only if you have perfect run are you going tobeat all those missions inside 1 hour. Try 3-4, assuming you can actually aquire enough conraband/colonists in the first place.
I know I can't do all that in one hour, even with 1-Clicks on Officer Reports. Factor in time spent on Fleet Administration and buying Commodities for fleet projects at the cheapest possible rates and then clearing and queueing DOFF assignments on all my alts and it eats up quite a bit of my time. There's a lot of back and forth travel required.

I do have a surplus of Contraband that I'm working on, though.

I think I'm getting off-topic though. Even though I personally would not benefit from a refinement increase at this time, I'm not opposed to it.

We know that dilithium requirements and demand are only going to grow. Which is why tinkering with the refinement caps is less desirable for Cryptic than adjusting the requirements.
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