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10-10-2012, 10:03 AM
FYI, Phaser Lotus and Tachyon Inversion Beam each have a 5 minute cool down. You can switch between modes while one ability is on cool down and use the other ability within about 20 seconds (it takes about 20 seconds to 'transform'). EDIT: Going to Tactical Mode is essentially instant (haven't tried in combat, so I'm not sure if it affects weapons), but there's a 20 second cool down after to change back into Defense Mode. states that the Tactical Mode gets +10 to weapon power, but the official site post states it's only +5. I will double check next time I'm in game. EDIT: Checked in game - Tactical Mode does in fact receive +5 to weapon power, and Defense Mode receives +5 to auxiliary.

Other fun facts:

Adding +30 to my 99 in Starship Targeting Systems sent my accuracy from 22.7 to 27.3. No change in Critical Chance or Severity.

In defense mode, with 84 already in Starship Shield Systems upped my shields from 7634 to 8188 (VA, MACO Mk XII, no field generators).

Like the Dreadnought's Spinal Phaser Lance, the Phaser Lotus is improved by Tactical Phaser Relay Consoles.

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