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Asteroids! You just reminded me of something I didn't like in the episode.

When you are warping through the asteroid field trying to chase down the ship, the asteroids popped up with no chance of me manouvering around. The first few were fine, but then they just appeared almost ontop of me and I kept slamming into them due to their size and not being able to get around them. Maybe it was because I had full impulse on, but it took me ages to then navigate around them, as they took up pretty much the entire warp streak tunnel and I had to keep backtracking and leaving the streak tunnel to get around. Just something worth pointing out.
oh, yeah, forgot to mention that. I faceplanted on a giant donut asteroid that literally appeared directly in front of me. I did better than grylak, but I rock at manual ship controls.

EDIT: about the transporter, is there a flat transparent object you can place on top of the bumps?

I can haz joystick!
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