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I agree shield tanks tend to have more resistance but we are only talking 10% to 15% difference sometimes not even that much. 4 shield facings at 75% resistance is still less hit points then hull + resistance. Then if you compare skills Haz emitters heals with resistance tanks more DPS then TTS with resistance. Same for Aux to Sif/Eng team against EptS. Or at least this was the case when I ran the numbers years back, I even factored in passive hull and shield regen. When I get home from work will re-run the numbers.
Last I checked w/the Weaver and KHG MKXII I could get over 20k per facing that's over 80k shields @ higher resists. Even on the lower end of 8k per facing that's still 32k which is still higher than my b'rel's hull. Comparing hull and shield "tanking" potential gets tricky fast.

To repair hulls you have HE, Aux2sif, ET and borg proc.

To repair shields you have Shield Regen Modifier, Shield Distro Doffs, RSP, EPTS, TSS, Sci Team, ES and borg proc.

To resist hulls you have APD, HE, Aux2Sif, Hazzard Doffs, PH, and borg proc. (leaving out capt abilities and P2W consoles and ship abilities)

To resist shields you have ETPS, ES, TSS, APD. (leaving out P2W consoles, ship abilities, and capt abilities)

On the face of it there are more basic abilities to repair shields and more basic abilities to resist hull damage. But, the abilities have different cooldowns. Also, there are Doff abilities which can greatly reduce cooldowns.

Take Tech doffs for a zombie boat. They can basically give you 2xEPTS and 2xRSP w/only 1 copy of each assuming you have a boat w/2x Lt Eng boff slots. Depending on your layout they could be high level as well. My memory of TSS cooldown is fuzzy, but assuming 45 sec cooldown w/30 sec shared, you'd only need 1 slot of TSS as well since the 70% is so close to 66.6%.

So for a "selfish" zombie shield repair cruiser build you could have EPTS3, RSP, Aux2batt, TSS2, ES3, PH1, ET1 (to clear subsystem debuff), TT1, APD, HE1. In theory, you'd save the EPTS2, RSP, PH1, HE1, TSS2, APD, and Team abilities to see how the other team responds to your ES3 and than you respond accordingly by rolling repairs/resists as needed. Back to the main point, the longer cooldown shields abilities are now up to twice as effective from the Tech doffs w/aux2batt (which btw would spike 3 of 4 systems' powers). Remember there's also more of them to begin with.