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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Well, if you plan to be a subscriber in years to come, there is a cost-efficient way to do that. That shouldn't be news to you?
I think you missed the point I was making. The LTS was originally something that was sold late Beta and into like the first week or two of game release. That is where LTS should have ended and actually did for some time.

I have no issues with people buying the LTS. My issue has to do with Gold members that didn't have the LTS that were loyally paying their $15 a month who earn their vet rewards.

Yes I, as a game launch LTS didn't have to play 2.5 years straight and honestly didn't. Out of my 993 days, I'd say maybe 300 of those are me actually playing the game. So I could care less about new LTS players gaining the rewards that I get now. It's about the systematic nerf of those poor loyal Gold members.

Moving on to something I touched earlier. Being that the game is F2P, those F2P gamers should be earning days towards vet rewards, but they are not. Even if they only gain a day for every day they actually log into the game, they should be earning time served, but they don't..

Gold accounts at this point should just be removed. There isn't enough bonus for staying Gold now that LTS members automatically receive 1000 days.
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