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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Your proposed ship sounds interesting. But i wouldn't like its look tbh. Swet-back Nacelles? No thanks, i never liked that style.

I would like if they would renew the Galaxy Class - style. Maybe a bit smaller than the Galaxy Class, a much shorter but sturdier neck and the nacelles on the same level as the engineering hull.

It wouldn't be able to use Cannons and would not be as OP as Escorts or as surviveable as Cruisers, it would be more like something in between those tow ship types.
Think of it like a (napoleonic) Frigate they where not as powerful as Ships of the line of their times but they where much more capable to operate independent.

Thank you for reading or ignoring, depending on who you are.
^ This guy gets it!

See, while we disagree on the appearance, it highlights exactly what I'm trying to say, in that more choices and more options are needed for appearance, but regardless of what they look like, some additional classifications of ships are desired as well.

Some ships that have a more cruiser-like appearance, but with more of the fire-power of a escort, and with the size of a Prometheus or Luna.
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