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Originally Posted by theultimatefunky View Post
this game is the most unbalanced game ever, the klingons are WAY more overpowered than the feds, the dev's seem to be giving klinks tech that only the romulans would use, i mean consoles that take EVERY system offline for like 6-10 sec's hmmm vry unfair especially in pvp, and now they have a escort with battle cloak, this is why im NEVER doing pvp vs klinks again and that includes kerrat, not untill the game is truly balanced and stop over powering the klinks with stupid disable consoles, and no im not a classic klink hater as i have a max level klink that i play with all the time, and no i dont have any of the consoles as i dont have any of the klink c-store ships
What console that takes every system offline?

It cant be the Plasmonic leech as it only drains 16 points a system max from the target and only if the target is completely unspecced to resist drain. If the taget is specced to resist drain then the PL only drains about 5 points a system.
The Plasmonic leech was nerfed since the last you played I believe.
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