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10-10-2012, 11:30 AM

As long as you take your Defiant against 10 fed ships consisting of Fleet Cruisers, Fleet Science vessels, Fed Carriers (don"t forget the TB pets) and Fleet Defiants (which also get +15% damage from decloaking) and attempt to decloak and alpha strike any of them without dying afterwards.

If you are having issues holding off the KDF attack in PvP then I suggest you are being out played and your fed team of the moment needs to work together better.

Not from what I have seen in PvP. When the feds work together the greatly increase the chance to win and often roll the KDF in the process.

Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit
Hull 33,000
Shield Modifier 0.9
Fore :4
Aft: 3
Crew: 50
tactical: 5
engineer: 3
science: 2
devices: 2
turnrate: 17


Hull Strength: 34,500
Shield Modifier: 0.833
Crew: 750
Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 Aft
Device Slots: 3
Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science
Base Turn Rate: 14 degrees per second

Wow, that extra 1500 Hull makes us OP? doubtful.
Maybe its the -3 points difference in turnrate making the GrandVet reward ship slower than a Defiant?
It must be that -1 to tactical slots. The KDF GV ship only has 4. Thats why the GrandVet ship is OP.

The only way the KDF GV ship is tougher than a Defiant is if the player uses the LTC for Engineering and flies it like a cruiser. You are putting way too much into the battle cloak being OP.
Otherwise the Defiant is still the biggest escort alpha strike heavy hitter and escort tanker in the game.
Yeah, it's funny as hell listening to Feddies whine about the battlecloak. All it does is enable a slightly easier escape. . .and in all honesty, you could use the Photonic Displacement console to have a fairly effective escape route, or you could stock up on Evasive conn doffs and keep out of people's reach. The battlecloak is nowhere near 'OP'. It's useful, that's all. The Enhanced Battlecloak on a B'rel is a thing of beauty, and good players know how to use every bit of that advantage to harass and even kill enemies from cloak.