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10-10-2012, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by echodarksided View Post
With all due respect, nobody who has ever played a F2P account would ever say something so obviously ignorant. The value for Gold still exists, that's a fact.
There is 0 value to gold members now in almost all cases. When the game went f2p the only real value was vet rewards. If that has ended at 1000 then no value is left.. I pay 70 some dollars every 6 months. Do you have a clue how much zen I can get with my $77.94 6 month sub??

Well lets find out shall we!

Over 7700 zen!!
But wait as gold I get the "benfit" of 400 a month! Well lets times that by 6!
2400 zen!
Hmm... it seems I would get more zen for my money "just a little" if I dropped too F2P
But but I wont get the large back slots and toon slots! I think for the 7700 zen I can have now that I am saving that sub money will handle the cstore purchases.

I knew all of this when it went F2P I stuck around for only one reason. One kinda stupid reason. The vet rewards. The one thing that I can say I have but F2p and people that just started dont have. Something to show people that I am a vet that has stuck around.

I challenge you to tell me one thing beyond creating foundary missions that gold give me.. Dont tell me crap better logins over free. This game has plenty of login space. Most of my large fleet is ftp with no one in the last year telling me they had to wait for login. Get you head out of the sand. There is no reason anyone like me with the days I have should go life after 1000 or stay paid after 1000 days. Dare you to give me one other reason than to better the game. If they wanted me to stay paid or gave a damn about the old lifers. Then they would not have got rid of vet and gave us a reason to stay payed