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Yeah, it's funny as hell listening to Feddies whine about the battlecloak. All it does is enable a slightly easier escape. . .and in all honesty, you could use the Photonic Displacement console to have a fairly effective escape route, or you could stock up on Evasive conn doffs and keep out of people's reach. The battlecloak is nowhere near 'OP'. It's useful, that's all.
Exactly!! It helps one flee from a fight easier. If one is already fleeing from a fight then one was losing said fight the battle cloak doesn't change that it just keeps me from dying becuase I can run hide quicker.
So in the grand scheme of things my new GV destroyer is gonna be able to run from a fight as easily as a BoP. Big deal.
How the hell is that OP?

The Enhanced Battlecloak on a B'rel is a thing of beauty, and good players know how to use every bit of that advantage to harass and even kill enemies from cloak.
Now this is the truth and had they put the EBC on any ship but the fleet ning'toa I would have complained as loudly as anyone.
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