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10-10-2012, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by raythilo2345 View Post
then why not post it to the main page instead of having to do it every month??
Agreed, I like the persons idea of doing like Turbine does and putting these "101's" on a tab here on the forums for new players. With the focus of this article being more how to convert purchased zen to dilithium, it is very pushy in getting players money. I feel the pushiness to purchase for this game by Cryptic if becoming far too aggressive and is hurting the little gameplay that is there.

I look at it this way, I agreed to pay a monthly sub again so in order for Cryptic to get me to purchase above and beyond that sub now they had better show some more positive development. When we have all the requisite systems needed for a high profile MMO fixed and in place (full second faction, PvP, good crafting and resource generating systems), ones unique to this MMO (better integration of the Foundry, Exploration), and a much much better QA bug fixing process, I will be more than happy to pay more.

The STO team is making progress and has many talented people capable of a great deal. I just think somewhere in the administrative chain (Producer an up) things are broken and the decision to rush the release content that is buggy, unfinished, and unpolished comes from above their heads. I understand the demand for getting more content out quickly placates the players and their cash flow, but pushing buggy, unfinished, and unpolished content out works counter to that goal and actually deters players which in turn reduces the cash flow. That reduction in cash flow then causes a negative feedback loop of more content with money hooks ---> more aggressive measures to obtain money from players ----> disenfranchising players ----> reduced spending player population -----> reduced cash flow ------> back to the beginning.

Break the cycle!!! Start with at least fixing all the bugs introduced with Season 6 before launching into Season 7.