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10-10-2012, 02:16 PM
As it states above, this is a monthly article it will be posted each month. For new players, it's useful and they may not have seen it past months.
and someone thought this actually made sense because....? Aside from making it look like the company is money hungry by constantly throwing the exact same money-related article at everyone (and yes, thats what it is, don't insult us by saying this isn't only about money) it gives the impression that whoever is in charge over there doesn't understand the basic features of a message board. like, you know, the ability to sticky threads

there is a word for constantly reposting the same thing over and over: spam. smart companies don't spam their customers, especially when there is no reason to. smart people don't claim its a good idea either. someone needs a talking to over there

what you are doing is nothing more than spam. there is an academy section for new players. the only reason you would even consider doing this in the first place is for new players, its not relevant to anyone else. therefore common sense says post a sticky there with this information. that is all that is needed. anything else is the literal definition of spam - which, last time I checked is against the rules around here.

or is this a case of do what I say, not what I do? hmm? because handing out infractions when people do exactly what you yourself are doing isn't likely to go over well. I know i'm going to have something to say the next time someone accuses me of 'spam'