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10-10-2012, 02:23 PM
The House of Aler acht'jar is now active in game.

Our primary focus will be on story telling/role playing.

Stories will include instances within PvE missions, PvP scenerios, Fleet Actions, and STFs.

We will also be creating Foundry missions to take part in.

Role playing experience is not necessary as the only important trait should be the desire to have fun. Roleplayers are more accepting of new players than many of the hard core video gamers.

The extent of roleplaying is up to the individual member; if you only wish the casual bar scenes it is fine. If you want more in depth in role playing stories and building on who your character is; that is always welcomed.

So, the extreme minority have spoken and now a roleplaying fleet is established. It is time to jump in and help build it into the best roleplaying experience possible.

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