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OOC: To be fair, Leonard McCoy lived to be well over 150.
OOC: I am aware of it.. Just thinking maybe a new cast, but perhaps stretch it to have at least 1 or 2 around.

*USS Odyssey C. A Birmingham class cruiser built as a sleeker and less bulky version of the Odyssey Class, it Omega Frame work is more vast than any of the previous Federation vessels. Its Captain is James D. Allen grandson of the famed hero. The lad has grown into almost a spitting image of his grandfather, except his eyes are Betazoid. His newtype potential is unknown as the tests even after 100 years are still not accurate in gauging potential. *

*Captain Dorman is still in stasis.. Even after 100 years no one not even the Guardians could find a way to help him. *

*One century has proven quite capable for the eyes of the Quantum Processor. After the War the Republic and the Federation have managed to keep it running. *

Rei Ross now an old retired woman with many Grandchildren and neices and nephews from her non-Starfleet siblings. *