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# 1 TOS Constitution Bridge fixes?
10-10-2012, 03:08 PM
First I would like to say I love this game and the great work your doing! I have a few issues that I know are not new, but would like to know when you plan on fixing them as this is a puchased item and we have already been waiting since it's release.

1) The TAC & ENG BOFF's locations on the main bridge are wrong and need to be swapped.

2) All NPC's sit in front of their chairs not on them.

3) Most seated NPC's feet go through the floor:
a) Main Bridge the seated NPC's on both sides of the turbo lift.
b) Sickbay both seated NPC's.
c) Lounge both seated NPC's.(not DOFF Officers)
d) Engineering the seated NPC.

4) The 25th century DOFF Officers added nearly a year ago ruin the entire feel of this interior. In many locations there are already NPC's in place that could be used.
a) Sickbay already has a doctor why not use him?
b) Lounge already has two NPC's why not use one of them for the Counselor. Use the replicators on the wall as the Bartender & Chef. (TOS used the replicators for both)
c) Conference Room use the com links on the table for Tactical & Federation Envoy and free up the chairs.
d) Engineering aready has three engineers why not use two of them for the Engineer & Operations Officer?
e) Engineering Lab is the one location where there isn't something already in place for the Science Officer; however he needs to be in a TOS uniform.

I know it's only cosmetic; however most of us purchased this item for it's cosmetics.