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# 16 Hi There big D
06-21-2009, 11:50 PM
Good to see a friendly starship designer face! I'm curious... if D didn't speak english when he was playing Civlization, then what WAS he speaking?

And as for adding in awesome, I can safely say that we won't come out with torches, pitchforks, rabid tribbles, or phasers as long as nothing is LAME.

After Roddenberry died, it seems like everything became smaller... less "epic" if you will (although the movies were always impervious to this, I feel the series' fell victim). After next generation, everything seemed to get smaller... from the Defiant to Voyager to Enterprise NX class.

I'd love to see BIG SHIPs again. Stunning, epic, cool big ships.

I have faith, things will turn out well.