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Originally Posted by eristhevorta View Post
Meowzers, I really luv the design of the Fed ship, the Klingun ship is okay to me, butt not outstanding.

As I said, a fleet version of those babies and people would pay the dubble of the meowdules required (8 instead of 4). Even without the 10th cunsole slut and extra shield and hull power, those ships are cumpetitive with lower end fleet ships. The buff layout is awesum! On the KDF side, I'll definately purrmeownently fly that ship along with the Mirror Quinn Raptor and the Fleet Vor'cha. On Fed side, it's hard to find sumfin to replace a Jham attack ship.
Um, no I wouldn't get the fleet version if they were that outrageously priced. You do realize that 8 modules is $40 in the c-store... for a single ship that you can only get once, for one character. I don't think many people would buy them at such an unreasonable rate, the $20 price for the 4 modules ones if you haven't unlocked the unique console version is bad enough. What would happen is it would drive up the price of the modules on the exchange, so what you seem to be asking is please increase the demand for modules on the exchange so we can make as much profit on them as on Master Keys.

While I think a fleet version of these ships would be good, if anyone can pick up the ship, then charge 4 modules for it, if you have the veteran version unlocked count it as a T5 ship so only 1 module. With how the Fleet store is setup, I doubt they can even lock a fleet version into requiring you to have the veteran version to get it. If they can then maybe another price might be viable, but definitely not more than 4 modules, the upgrade over the default version isn't that significant to warrant the cost of the Odyssey/Bortas combo pack (8 modules).

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