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# 1 Loot in STF Elite
10-10-2012, 04:51 PM
A little rant and wondering concerning the loot aka rewards of the STF Elite. Last weeks these loots are really a joke of a bunch uncommon or rare MK XI junk where you can't even make a decent EC on the exchange with, if you even get some loot. Where is the according Cryptic "The Elite difficulty means that the challenges will be greater, but also the rewards" slogan in the game.

Yes, I know, you get a lock box, wooooot, but I don't play that game of buying keys till you have a hole in your wallet for yet more junk. True, you get 1100 Dilithium Ore, but hey, you are limited to refine only 8000 a day.

IMO, this loot should be at least very rare items MK XI or above, or rare items MK XII, or mebbe a token so those that are playing these STF Elites can refine more then 8000 Dilithium ore a day.

Another remarkable thing. Last STF Elite I did, we did the mission in time, so we got the extra. Everyone on the team has chosen 'NEED' on the items and strangely, nothing of this is been distributed to anyone of the team ??? What use it has it then to complete a STF Elite in time according the expectations ???

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