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Originally Posted by sinsofanempire View Post
I have to admit, it looks silly and uncannon. Phaser banks don't look like that. Its just saying 'HEY THIS IS WHERE MY BIG GUNS ARE, TARGET ME HERE, I EVEN PUT A GOLD STRIPE ON THEM'. Mind, the KDF version looks even more stupid. You wouldn't have a big block of green to fire something from.
I agree.

Not to mention, if you think of it from a ship architectural perspective, where the heck they going to put all the rooms at, when most of the interior is going to the weapon and transformation systems. And with the Klingon Ship........where are they going to put the Warp Core of all things? Because that weapon system literally takes up 90% of the Engineering section.

Personally, with the Klingon ship, we should've had those large disruptor canons appearing out of the hull, while the wings are being lowered into attack position. Same could be said with the Chimera where you pull back some hull to reveal extra torpedo banks.