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10-10-2012, 06:57 PM
* USS Odyssey C*

James: Helm is the Republic still on the long range scanners?

Darxis: *Vulcan-human hybrid* She is still off the starboard bow at heading 3.4506

James: Alas lets go say hello to a friend.

Wax: I don't remember saying that she was a friend of mine..

James: Oh come now Wax, just because Allington beat you at cards doesn't mean you should be cross about it.

Wax: Still sir... She cheated..

James: No she just had a better hand than you thought.

Wax: That coming from the winner of the last card game...

*The crew begins laughing at that truth.*

Firie: If I remember right you were shamelessly flirting with her Captain..

James: Well... what can I say.