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10-10-2012, 08:37 PM
Originally Posted by nehesta View Post
Turns out that, on top of having the IQ of a raw oyster and being unable to discuss without waving his lolinternetauthority, BranFlakes can't read.
This is exactly the unquestionned "politeness over truth" that I was talking about.
What kind of dullard thinks in terms of "cuss word! mommy said cussword bad! must ban!"?
There's no more pathetic lifeform than moral guardians.
The desire to "protect" people, through whatever means necessary, from "being offended" is endlessly disgusting.

BranFlakes won't read, of course. BranFlakes certainly won't have the testicular fortitude to answer. He'll just censor&ban again. That's all he can do.
I'm not sure what else you may be, but you ARE funny.

Keep up the good and positive work!

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