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Hope I'm posting this in the proper place...

Recently I've been unable to access *any* patrol missions. My 'primary' character hasn't been able to access them for a couple weeks (or longer) now, and my 'secondary' character hasn't been able to access them since last week. I used the "Request GM Help", and the person that responded told me they couldn't help, that I should report it as a bug, but that I probably wouldn't hear anything back.

I did some google/forum searches, but couldn't find anything useful in the results, which led me here.

Since I don't have a complete list, the following systems have patrol missions (as I've done them numerous times), but can't access them any longer:

Zeta Andromedae:
B'Lil, Bavar, Lahra, Mirish, Oradhe, Kalesta, Phi, Mec, Myrax, Vestalan, Enocha, and Crown.

As I said above, I used to be able to access all of these, but now I can't. I also can't access the patrol missions in Beta Ursae or Alpha Trianguli. I've even tried random planets in other sectors, but can't access anything there, either.

The weird thing is, I can still access the daily missions (Defera, etc), DS9, etc. I can also enter systems if I do a mission replay. I just can't access *any* patrol missions.

Anyone have any ideas?