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Originally Posted by amlross View Post
I don't see how it would break the ship. That's stupid. I don't see why the Klingons can have it but the defiant or galaxy x can't.

We are only talking about 2 ships.
Not everyone uses them anyway.

It probably won't happen but I wish it would. Why should only Klingons have it?

And btw, there is no need for name calling ******!
Heh... Wow... You don't see how it would break the ship. You do realize the defiant is among the most powerful if not the most powerful federation escort there is right? And a decloaking alpha strike (plus all the additional appropriate buffs and debuffs) from one of them can vaporize an oddy operations cruiser running full field generators and neutronium with maxed out tanking skills that has also activated the appropriate defensive buffs right?

The klingons can have battle cloak for one very simple reason. They started with cloaking technology. It's their thing. The original defiant cloak was a ROMULAN cloaking device. And the only battle cloak the romulans have is the scimitar class dreadnaught, and that's actually a REMAN device. And it's a perfect, I say again PERFECT cloak.

Soooo that being the case, why would the federation ever have access to such a cloaking device? Even in canon, they never were able to get their hands on a klingon cloaking device. So there is no reason as to why the feds would ever have one. And if you gave the defiant the battle cloak, that would be broken. Seriously broken. The only godsend is you can burst the defiant down if it makes a mistake. But that would have to be a serious mistake. If you gave the ship a battle cloak, it would be able to get away even more easily.

But think about it. This ship is almost perfect. It's fast, crazy powerful, very very VERY maneuverable, and can be quite tanky as is. Allow me to give you its exact stats.

Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit

Hull Points: 33,000
Shield Modifier: 0.9
Fore Weapons: 4 (DHC enabled)
Rear Weapons: 3
Crew: 50
BOff Setup: Ensign Tactical, LtCmdr Tactical, Cmdr Tactical, Lt. Engineering, Lt. Science
Device Slots: 2
Console Setup: 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science
Base Turn Rate: 17
+15 Bonus Power to Weapons

*Additional Notes:
This ship can use the Universal Cloaking Module acquired from the Tactical Escort Retrofit
Due to the small size of the sprite, this ships actual turn rate is much higher

Looking at the above statistics, the only weakness I see is the non-universal ensign, which isn't too big of a problem. But that ship has massive firepower capability, the ability to cloak already, GREAT turn rate and durability. Does ANYTHING listed above say "Give me a battle-cloak?" I asked the OP a question, and I'll ask you the same thing.

What are you smoking? Cuz I want some to get rid of any semblance of sanity I have left.

As for the Dreadnaught? What? Where did that come from? This is a Defiant thread.
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