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Originally Posted by esquire1980 View Post
Mav, you need to go test the shield NERF in actual gameplay. I just did in PVE and the only change I made to builds from last night is to get rid of the MACO 12 def and the GH engine replaced by 2 pieces of Borg. (figured I was going to need the additional procs). I tested this in the 5 man fleet (destroy everything) and then in the 20 man fleet instances.

Used FaW as much as possible to draw agro my way and to be truthfull, my shields almost never dropped. Last night, I would of needed RSP at least twice. Today, not at all. I was running EPTS 1 and 2, and TSS 2 in concert. The borg shield proc never went off (looked for that 1 also). It seems to me that there was a silent "fix" to shield resists. (I'm hoping the same thing happened for hull resists as well as I figured these were either not working or not working correctly. There was a fix as well for some of the engine lag in the 20 man but the large test will be tonight when the servers are a bit more loaded.

I haven't tested this in PVP as yet, but I will tonight against Cypher's bug and let you know the outcome.
As PVE testing is completely worthless as even a Shuttle can pve at VA succesfully the real change, and test comes in pvp and not mere 1v1s. But 5v5s. That is where healing is now total bupkiss. Simply put, damage is much higher now than healing can cope with.