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10-10-2012, 11:44 PM
I have to point out that you're going to do a lot more damage if you switch to dual cannons or dual heavy cannons. I have done DBB builds and they can be fun, but you can't match the damage of DHCs on front of a battlecruiser.

Further, by sticking to ONE type (either cannons OR beams) you ensure that your boff skills work on both at the same time. So CRF will also work on your forward firing turrets, as will CSV. If you insist upon DBBs up front (it's a loss in firepower) FAW will benefit from you having beam arrays in the aft. This lessens your alpha strike but increases overall firing capabilities. You can still give a good load of damage when not pointed at it (and with turrets you're not doing much damage firing at something behind you).

FAW isn't the skill you want with DBBs. You want Beam Overload. Mount BO3 and demote FAW to FAW1. FAW is more limited in use, akin to scatter volley. When you're pounding just one target you want it to go down fast. Also if you mount ANY of the dispersal patterns you'll get more than 1 tricobalt mine per drop. First rank, 2 mines, second 3 mines, 3rd 4 mines. That way you can mount more energy weapons and still retain your mine output. This also can help because sometimes the first mine will catch a bit of shields and not do full damage, but the second mine following it will definitely hit hull!