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Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
To the OP: I don't see this as being very beneficial to escorts; I think this was done in an attempt to help the larger, more inherently tanky cruisers turn better, while sacrificing some of their tanking capabilities. This also helps to further justify the third ensign engineering slot found on some cruisers.
I'm asking myself why didn't they just raise the turnrate of those lower turning ships? They did something like it two weeks ago with increasing the turnrate of some Starfleet Escorts.
How is it going to justifiy a third ensign BOFF slot?
(AuxtoDamp starts at Lt.)

I think the truth is somewhere in between.
They wanted to throw a bone to cruiser captains, but not without giving something for their beloved escorts.
In the end no one benefits from it, since the gap between Low turning and high turning ships hasn't changed (or has become even worse).

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