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# 1 alt+tab FPS issue
10-11-2012, 02:40 AM
Alright so I've been playing for a month or two without any issues. I only increased the fullscreen ratio when I started playing.

A day or two ago I turned down the speed/quality slider down a notch just to see something that was being over-bloomy.

Then I put the slider back where it was. Ever since then I've been having weird problems like black shadow cubes around me on floors. Alt+tab not working half of the time. FPS dropping to below 5 when alt+tabbing out.
Now i got rid of the black shadow things but the other problems persist.

I used to be able to alt+tab and look at the teamspeak window or whatever and still see my ship cruising along at 60 fps in the background.

Anyone have an idea? It's driving me nuts!