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Originally Posted by whopurrr View Post
Alright so I've been playing for a month or two without any issues. I only increased the fullscreen ratio when I started playing.

A day or two ago I turned down the speed/quality slider down a notch just to see something that was being over-bloomy.

Then I put the slider back where it was. Ever since then I've been having weird problems like black shadow cubes around me on floors. Alt+tab not working half of the time. FPS dropping to below 5 when alt+tabbing out.
Now i got rid of the black shadow things but the other problems persist.

I used to be able to alt+tab and look at the teamspeak window or whatever and still see my ship cruising along at 60 fps in the background.

Anyone have an idea? It's driving me nuts!
Black shadow cubes/triangles is an issue they are working as its a texture render fail on both DX9 and DX11 modes in some areas as they need to be reimported to be fixed (not that common but its there on both).

For the fps issues when alt tabbing make sure reduce cpu/gpu usage under troubleshooting is set to off otherwise the game sleeps every few frames to reduce its system usage when not infocus.
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