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Originally Posted by realuniqueone View Post
Hegh'ta Heavy Bird Of Prey (not even fleet version)

Hull Points: irrelevant due to ability to stay out of canon arc with ease and then cloak.
Shield Modifier: irrelevant due to ability to stay out of canon arc with ease and then cloak.
Fore Weapons: 4 (DHC enabled)
Rear Weapons: 2
Crew: 100
BOff Setup: All universal. Infinite variation.
Device Slots: 2
Console Setup: 3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn Rate: 21

*Additional Notes:
This ship can use the battle cloak without wasting any module slot.

Amazing how none of the klingons here mention that turn rate, yet keep spamming on about a minor shield and hull difference...

Completely irrelevant when you can stay out of the enemy arc with ease... Hell, that's enough turn rate to out-turn some shuttles (without even any turn rate modules)...

Err what? How does the graphics effect the turn rate exactly? I can only assume this must be some typo, or you were drunk at the time of writing this.

Defiant getting a battle cloak - I don't think it would be a bad thing - but it's not going to happen. Cryptic lost the balance plot a long time ago.

Give the defiants a battle cloak and remove the decloak damage bonus. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone - The ludicrus alpha strike and balance.
Your point about 'staying out of cannon arcs' only works in 1v1 scenarios (which, in my humble view, are just ways for arrogant players to d*ck-wave about how awesome they are at PvP. . .the natural state of PvP is inclined towards group combat most of the time, or the possibility of it becoming group combat). I'm sure you know how difficult it can be to keep track of the locations of 2-3 different escorts, right? Good luck 'maneuvering' your way out of the cannon arcs there. Or what if you're targeting someone else, and an escort alpha-strikes from the side or rear? Maneuverability didn't help you much there, as you often don't see it coming until they've started shooting. . .and in a BoP, it's too late by that point and you've gotta bug out or break off your attack.

Battle-cloaking is only feasible after you've broken out of the battlezone completely and waited out stray torp salvos. That's why the battlecloak is nowhere near as OP as certain whining Feds like to claim.

The universal consoles, in theory, allow for quite a bit of flexibility. However, just because you can put a build on a BoP, doesn't mean you should. In my view, BoPs are good for about two things right now: Hit-and-run strikes relying on being able to escape when necessary, or sci-spamming from cloak using the B'rel Retrofit (a particularly effective approach, if you know how to fly it right). There's only a certain amount of 'flexibility' that applies to that. You could sci BoP in a Hegh'ta, but it would have to be out of cloak to do it, and it doesn't shield tank as well as Fed science vessels.

Lastly, another point regarding BoP turnrate: Smart players know how to keep escorts and BoPs from moving a lot. They carry P2W gear (graviton pulse, especially), subnuke, or use a ton of tractors and viral matrixes. There's only so much sci spam an escort or BoP can deal with, y'know? So, that vaunted turnrate isn't an instant guarantee of awesomeness.

Spare me your attempts to 'prove' that the BoP is even the equal of a Fed escort in most situations.

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