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10-11-2012, 05:29 AM
If anything I think we need to start with damage and bring it down to a sort of 'player damage range' this would allow for people with low damage (Eng/Cruisers) to still look competent in the face of higher damage dealers (Tac/Escort), once this is established they can look at heals and bring them down just a few points below the highest damage figures but I think the durations could remain the same with said lower active figures, this would mean that EPtS would give good protection but any major damage would require that you back it up with perhaps TSS or an aux2SIF to absorb hull damage, this would mean that a tac/escort and an eng/cruiser would be nicely balanced and the battle would come down to skill (provided both builds were min/maxed), this would also mean that an eng/cruiser using backup heals could likely hold it's own against 2 escorts trying for it (so tank status would be maintained) but even a few more points of incoming damage would put it in a very bad position, I think hull resists can stay as they are.

With this in place they could rebuild NPCs based on the 'player damage range' such that lower damage dealers could still solo them in a reasonable time frame but the higher end damage dealers would rip through them as per a plasma knife through poly-butter, then add some form of AI to said NPCs, which would be better than what they have, if Squaresoft could make enemies seem semi intelligent with FF7 (which they did) then Cryptic could make their NPCs better.

And there is a combat system that still uses the MMO template, is balanced and allows more customisation of builds than we currently have. Your opinions?