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Originally Posted by realuniqueone View Post
Hegh'ta Heavy Bird Of Prey (not even fleet version)

Hull Points: irrelevant due to ability to stay out of canon arc with ease and then cloak.
Shield Modifier: irrelevant due to ability to stay out of canon arc with ease and then cloak.
Maybe irrelevant to You, but its become down right important when that Defiant turns tighter on the inside arc, tractor beams my BoP and very quickly blows thorugh that low shield and low hull to make my BoP a debris in a few seconds.

The BoP is a fragile but highly adaptible weapon that only one purpose in the game, the surprise attack of decloaking, throwing whatever it has in bag of tricks to disable an opponent long enough to get a kill and if its doesn't kill its target hopefully battle claok and try again.
The BoP good at the surprise attacks becuase of the ability to flee easily but the Defiant is the better surprise Declaoking alpha Striker in the game because it has the the better damage on the Declaok and the ability to loiter in the combat zone longer.

To compare the two vessels as a means of determining that the Defiant needs the battle Claoker is wrong. They are not even in the same classification of vessels.
If the Defiant is given the battle cloak it merely becomes the best alpha Striker in the game and now thanks to its toughness it can do it even better than the BoP and even survive the event beter than the BoP which pays for its versatility and Battle claok with its fragile nature.
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