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10-11-2012, 06:47 AM
I'm playing the game for a few weeks now and I still feel a newb as each day I discover something new.
The problem is - what I've read today in the link here on Wizard101... Um on Pirates101... No... It's Dilithium101 after all.. The article didn't explain to me anything I didn't see elsewhere in first few days I've started the game. There are more thorough threads on this very forum about dilithium than this bloglike text.

I mean... Let's see a part of the article, me as a newcomer critic:
Dilithium is primarily earned by completing in-game missions (PvP and PvE dailies, events, STFs, Duty Officer Assignments etc.), and is awarded as Dilithium Ore. Players can also go mining for Dilithium Ore once per day on the Vlugta Asteroid Field, near Deep Space Nine, in the Beta Ursae Sector Block.
First of all, the mining mission/event is not the only one where a player can earn daily dil. Why "unofficial" three Eta Eridani missions aren't also mentioned separately for example? Yes, those three that you don't see in "available missions" like the mining event/mission. I wouldn't know they exist at all if I didn't read a certain thread about those here on the forum.

Also I believe the article author just "adores" Starfleet Academy scanning for dil. event like every single one of us, so he skipped mentioning it separately. Good move! Less ppl know about it, less frustrated they'll be afterwards.

But then again, a newcommer should see here a complete list of dilithium PvE missions, not just this short notice and practically "I toldya so don't ask more questions and get off my back" article stance.

STFs? Newcomers are not playing STFs. They - can't. STFs should be mentioned, of course, but at the end of the article.

Detailed list of dil. earning DoFF assignments is not needed, so the article writer did a good choice not listing them there, instead he just mentioned them. Why? Newcomers won't go for those assignments until they evolve a good doff roster. Their priority will be getting more and better DoFFs, and practically an advanced user with plenty of blues and purples will probably be interested on dil. assignement list, which makes such list unwanted here.

Dil->Zen and vice versa conversion is explained great.
But one thing is not mentioned I've seen somewhere a few days ago. I'm not sure if it works or not as game is always changing, but IIRC if a player has a few toons, he can send dil from one character to another by converting it to ZEN as one toon and then converting ZEN to dil on another char. Maybe I remember it wrong, sorry.

So a suggestion if new players are the targeted audience - the article should get rewritten, a few things added/explained better and with details on at least a few example missions. In current form the article explained just "a tip of an iceberg". I'm aware some will say "go to stowiki for details", but c'mon. This is the official forum where essential things should be a quality read, it's not a fanbase where for example you'll get hints on how to grab max dilithium on mining event.

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