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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
The Ship flies nice and has a great BO slots that makes me honestly want to give up my Raptor of 3 years.

However, I HATE the look of that ship. To me, it is the contender for the ugliest ship in STO. No joke, it litearally looks like a BoP that crashed into a junkyard and got rear ended by a Raptor. Or something a kid would create with Legos.

And that transformation? I was expecting the nacelles to extend and those guns adjust into firing position. Instead you got some ridiculous green things popiong out of the hull? What the hell is that nonsense? And structrually, where do people work at in that hull when it's in the stowed position?

Honestly, because of the looks, I'd say the Klingons lose out with the Destroyer. Else, I'd likely fly it. So hopefully we can get a new skin to replace that hideous thing.
Really? I love the way it looks. I also love how it flies. This ship is amazing, and I have been rocking so much face with it. It looks like a mini-Bortas to me.
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