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# 1 Wells Boff layout
10-11-2012, 07:24 AM
Having flown the Mobius for a while, I found it -- surprisingly -- difficult to come up with a good boff layout for my Wells Temporal Science Vessel. For one, because I'm an engineer (who just recently respecced a bit for sci); but primariy, I think, because the boff layout is simply a bit problematic by itself.

Lt. Commander Universal Station: ET1, EPtA2, DEM2
Lieutenant Universal Station: TT1, TT2
Ensign Engineering Station: EPtS1
Lieutenant Science Station: TSS1, HEM2
Commander Science Station: TSS1, PO1, EnS2, GW3

Aka: Whitestar

The Ensign Engineering Station allows for only thing, really: EPtS1. Now, I could have easily put another EPtS1 in the Lt. Commander Universal Station ensign slot, but that would undercut the effectiveness of EPtA2 (3x EPtS skills competing with each other, whereas 2 is just fine, for a chain). And I really wanted EPtA2 too. After all, I'm in a science vessel, so my usual low aux power level simply won't do. So, I added two purple damage control doffs that shorten the recharge time between EPtX skils (and Photonic Officer 1 helps too). And I'm rather pleased with the result: my aux levels are now at max almost constantly! (with only a few seconds for it to lower a bit). And, because of the shortened recharge time, I don't really miss the second EPtS1 either (especially not with the 2x TSS1 running concurrently).

The 2x TT looks a bit fugly, but can't be helped (as going 'vertical' would mean killing my second engineer station).

Now for science. At first I had Tyken's rift. It shares a cooldown with GW3, though (and I definitely wanted the uninterrupted latter). So, I went with Energy Siphon 2. I wanted Tachyon beam 3 there too, but ppl told me it's crap.

I also added a gravimetric scientist doff, to create an extra GW aftershock, and a purple warp corp engineer for improved power levels on use of an EPtX skill.

So, any suggestions? :)