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10-11-2012, 08:15 AM
scrap the ltdcmdr engi, get a ltcmdr tac...way more usefull.

AP:Beta combined with grav well does some serious dmg...definately more synergy than a DEM2.

maybe add fire at will to spread that AP:Beta to all targets within the grav well.

if you actually want to use only one TT, get 2 conn officers...same effect.

a PH1 and a TSS2 in the commander slot would be my choice.

actually a scramble sensor for targets in the GW, so they shoot at each other may be nice...something i wanted to test myself.

so i would do something like this:

Lt. Commander Universal Station: TT1, FAW2, AP:Beta2
Lieutenant Universal Station: TT1, TS2...or EPtW1/EPtS1 (depending), AuxtSIF1/RSP1
Ensign Engineering Station: EPtW1/EPtS1 (depending)
Lieutenant Science Station: HEM1, TSS2
Commander Science Station: PH1, TSS2/TBR1, ScramS/TSS3, GW3

also your skilltree is way too overloaded with 9 point skills. 6 in most of them is sufficent and lets you keep some for aux performance for instance and others.
Also phasers and antiproton mixing (or is that from the temporal set)? if you fully skill flow capacitator get some polarons/tetryons/polarzed disruptors or so use that synergy.
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